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I’m taking a hiatus from all my RP blogs, I don’t seem to be able to recover any of my muses at this moment in time, hence the lack of posts. I’m very sorry I have to leave you all, but I do promise I’ll return some day! Until then, I hope you all stay safe and happy!


Happy Burthday, Mistur Cain~

guh idk what I was thinking with that background i’m sleep i guess

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here have a gillyun dollars

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"…It’s my birthday today…"

"I’ve forgotten how old I am…" He shook his head.

"Ah well, happy birthday to me, bitches!"

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((Thanks for pointing that out, it’s all working now!))


so appearantly iTS SOMEONE SBITRTHDA???



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“Oh, sorry!” The Buneary’s ears lowered when he mentioned the wound.  Then the ears raised up. “…May I still call you a pirate?” She chuckled.

Lazaro slapped his forehead. “Turquoise stop. Anyway, you know where we are now?” He looked around a bit more. 

"Ehh… If you really want to, I guess." He didn’t really have a problem with the nicknames he had acquired over the years because of his injury. It didn’t bother him as much as it used to.

"You’re in the basement, fulla mutated fetuses and demonspawn. Though if we stick close we should be safe, so don’t worry."

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Punch the clock to a own

While our lives are put on hold

When did all our childhood dreams

Began to disappear

Well, a long time ago

We had passion, we had goals

Why is life so set in stone

It doesn’t have to be

So cut to the chase

It’s time to escape before it’s too late

Yeah, pick up the pace

And catch up with fate, it’s slipping away

So get off my road, no, I won’t be told

Cause I got my own

Definition of destiny

Definition of Destiny - Billy Talent


So Cain’s (cain-the-one-eyed-wonder) b-day is round the corner. 

I made a pic, and my god, I cannot draw Cain. Help me.


So I heard a little butt’s birthday is like. Soon.

So I did this. Credit to Dad for the caption.

A fuck load of people started following you!


The small traffic sign like robot had to lean back a little bit to look at Cain.  “Nice to see you too.  Name’s Boshy.”  The black and yellow bot shifted slightly.  “I tend to stumble into places without meaning to so…my fault mostly.”  A nervous chuckle rose from the speaker.

"It ain’t a problem, I just wonder how people tend to find themselves here. This place ain’t the nicest of places…" He mused.

"Still, what are you exactly? Some kinda robot? That’s pretty neat!"

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